Suspended Fertilizer Features

  • Elements Loaded on Suspended Agent Working as a Mixing Agent, Facilitating Element Absorption of Plants
  • Distributing the elements more homogeneous, especially micro
  • elements – Possibility of obtaining high concentrations of elements higher than those found in other compounds.
  • With pesticides where the elements are coated
  • with the spice factor and do not allow the side reactionsc
  • haracterized by low salinity coefficient in powder and liquid fertilizers
  • containing the materials of the publisher and paste, which facilitates absorption of the plant in the case of paper spraying activity of useful organisms
  • Soil fertility as these substances loaded on organic materials have a significant role in increasing
  • Non-solubility and oxidation such as fertilizer powder
اجرو فارم للتنميه الزراعية, اجرو فارم لمبيدات الأفات, اجرو فارم للاسمده السائلة, اجرو فارم للاسمده البودر, اجرو فارم للسمده المعلقه المتطوره