• A compound containing a high percentage of potassium to increase the proportion of flowering and contract
  •  Contains an appropriate ratio of phosphorus, which helps to increase the spread of the root
  •  Contains a percentage of nitrogen, which helps to increase the total vegetative
  •   High Potassium Fertilizer contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus for absorption by plant
  •  Contains a percentage of small elements of the claw fast compresses and leads to increase the availability of other nutrients and increase the permeability of nutrients through the leaves
  • 2-5 kg / fed at the beginning of the breeding
  • 3-5 kg / fed with the beginning of the flowers of lateral growths
  • 5 kg / fed before flowering and contract
  • 250 grams / 100 liters of water spray

500 grams – 1 kg – 25 kg

Nitrogen 5% – Phosphorus 5% – Potassium 45%
Other additives help eliminate the lack of micronutrients

Astimo K, Estimo S 19/19/19, Lembada Pharm 5% agrofarm, Lambada Pharm 10% agrofarm, humat extra products of agriculture