• Contains a high percentage of calcium, which helps the plant to withstand different weather conditions
  •  Contains a percentage of nitrogen and magnesium to stimulate the plant on vegetative growth
  •  Contains a percentage of citric acid, which activates the root growth and facilitate the absorption process
  •  Used in soil salinity treatment
  • Unique and unique combination produced with the latest outstanding fertilizer production technology
  • It has a dual effect in the supply of microorganisms and has an effective role in salinity treatment
  •  Increases the efficiency of the root mass and soil penetration
  •  It has an influential role in activating plant self-sufficiency
  •  Increase the rate of composition of prosperity and fruits and improve the contract
  • Spray/1 kg – 600 liters of water
  • Salt treatment 3: 2 kg / fed

Calcium 16% – Nitrogen 10% – Magnesium 1% – Stric Acid 5%

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