• Characteristics of the compound (the composite)
  • Highly concentrated calcium compound specially formulated to nourish paper to prevent or reduce calcium deficiency in vegetables and fruits
  • The compound contains the boron, which plays an important role in the division and growth of cells
  • Provides The plant with its nutrition needs with an important role in the formation of new varieties of flowers, fruits and leaves and improve the quality of fruits
  • The compound enters the structure of calcium bactate, which strengthens the walls of the cells, thus limiting the cracking of fruits and other fungal infections
  • The compound is used by spraying paper (1 liter / feddan)
  • From 5: 3 times the beginning of the falling petals
  • Fertilizer for the treatment of salinity (7: 4 l / per feddan) is repeated every 14 days
  • Mixing ability
  • The compound can be mixed with most common pesticides and some fertilizers except phosphorous, sulfurite, copper, mineral oil
  • Spraying is preferred individually
  • In the following order (add water then put fertilizer and pesticide)

250 cm – 500 cm -1 liter

12% calcium – 2% Boron – 0.5% phosphoric acid

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