•  Suspended fertilizers are advanced fertilizers, which are easy to absorb by plants, which make the plants make the most of the large elements found in it, in addition to the micro elements, amino acids, diffuse substances and the solids that help absorb
  •  A suspension fertilizer containing a high percentage of phosphorus
  •  Used since the beginning of growth to increase the root total and the developing summits to activate and strengthen the flower stage
  •  Improves the qualities and properties of fruits, size and coloring
  • necessary and important for the activation and strengthening of production and repeated harvesting
  • Suitable for use in all irrigation systems and on all crops
  •  Effective and fast acting in alkaline and calcareous territory
  •  Paper spraying of 1.5 K / 600 liters of water
  •  exposed agriculture 8: 4 k per feddan
  • Fruitful trees: 6 kg per feddan

5 kg -10 kg -20 kg

Agrofarm B–Max, Liquid Amino Acid and Powder, calcium star in egypt, outstanding fertilizer of advanced fertilizers