• An effective catalyst for growth during initial growth stages –
  • Improves soil properties and treats salinity
  • Increases the efficiency of plant absorption of large and small nutrients
  •  Resistance to stress in different climatic conditions (temperature – frost – dryness)
  •  Improve soil ventilation and increase osmotic pressure within the plant
  •  Increases and activates the root total which makes it easier for the plant to benefit from the available soil elements
  •  Helps the plant to resist the critical stages such as infection with nematodes and roots of the roots
  • Vegetable crops: 4 liters per feddan at a rate of liter per feddan per week from the beginning of agriculture
  •  Fruit crops: 8 liters per feddan at a rate of 4 liters per feddan with the beginning of the winter service and repeats after 15 days
  • greenhouses and decorative plants: Used at a rate of 2 liters per feddan as a general dose
  • Mixing ability
  • Mixable and preferably experiment

10% potassium hydroxate – 4% Volvic – Amino acids 2% – Growth regulators 2%

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