Suspended fertilizers are  advanced fertilizers that are easily absorbed by plants and which makes the plant take maximum advantage of the large elements found in it, in addition to the micro-elements , amino acids, diffraction, and adhesives that help absorb

  •  Suspended fertilizer containing a high percentage of potassium
  • Maintain healthy growth in terms of the length and thickness of the leg and in terms of the continuation of the harvest repeated for a longer period
  • Contains high potassium increase the rates of use and quantities of the crop while preserving the quality and size of fruits
  • Contains the phosphorus necessary to increase growth rates and root growth in addition to the flower process
  • Contains a good proportion of nitrogen, which helps to grow vegetables
  •  Suitable for rapid absorption in different climatic conditions and types of agricultural land, especially saltwater

It is used from the beginning stage of flowering until the end of the stage of production and because of its containment of phosphorus and potassium at the same time

  • Spraying paper of 1.5 K / 600 liters of water – drip irrigation 1.5-2k / fed
  • Sprinkle with axial irrigation 1-1.5 k / fed and repeat spraying every two weeks for 3-4 times

5 kg -10 kg -20 kg

Nitrogen 15% – Phosphorus 5% – Potassium 45%

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