• The outstanding fertilizer of advanced fertilizers, which are easily absorbed by plants and which make the plants make the most of the large elements found in it, in addition to the micro-elements, amino acids, and the diffuser, which help absorb
  •  Suspended fertilizer containing an equal ratio of the basic elements NPK
  • 100% Suspended Suspended Fertilizer in water. Fertilizer free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals
  • Used at any stage of plant life and crops
  •  meet the basic needs equally
  • Suitable for use in all irrigation systems and all crops
  •  Effective and fast acting in alkaline and calcareous territory

Used on most types of agricultural crops

  • The dosage per feddan: paper spray 1 kg / 600 liters of water
  • Open agriculture: 4-8 kg / acre
  • Fruitful trees: 6-9 kg / acre
  • Axial irrigation 1.25-1.75 kg / acre

5 kg -10 kg -20 kg

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