• Fertilizer contains an equal proportion of the major elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a fully soluble
  • 100% soluble fertilizer in the water, fertilizer free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals
  •  Used at any stage of plant life and crops
  •  meets the basic needs equally
  • Suitable for use in all irrigation systems and on all crops
  •  Effective and fast acting in alkaline and calcareous territory

Used on most types of crops

  •  Dosage per feddan: Paper spray 1 kg / 600 liters of water
  •  Open agriculture: 8: 4 kg / feddan
  • Fruit trees: 9: 6 kg / fed
  •  Axial irrigation: 1.75: 1.25 kg / acre
  •  The rate of dilution: 1 kg / 600 liters of water

500 grams -1 kg -25 kg

Nitrogen 16% – Phosphorus 16% – Potassium 16%
Other additives help to eliminate the lack of micronutrients

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