• Enriched with organic fertilizers containing potassium hydroxides, hemic acids and folvic acids
  • In the image of potassium hydrate increases the growth rate of plants radically and greenery
  •  Helps to consolidate sandy soil and improve their natural properties and reduce the proportion of salts around the roots
  •  Improves the properties of the soil by increasing its ability to save water and non-cracking and increases its absorption to the sun and the heating of the root
  •  Improves the absorption of different elements and improve the exchange of land and ventilation
  •  Works to bring important nutrients such as iron, zinc, copper and jealousy
  •  A high concentration of potassium hydroxate, which has become indispensable for all plants
  •  It is characterized by a cycle in activating the vital processes of the plant
  •  also gives the opportunity to nutrients in the soil to become easy to absorb the plant
  •  In addition to a cycle that can not be ignored in improving the soil properties naturally and chemically

1 kilogram  – 5 kg

Humic Acid 70% – Potassium hydroxide 10% – Volvic Acid 5%
Other additives help eliminate the lack of micronutrients

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