• Advanced powder compound used in the prevention and treatment of the lack of micro-elements (rare) in the form of easy absorption by picking up these elements on organic amino acids
  •  A combination of micro-components in claw form necessary for plant growth at all stages
  •  It is easy to absorb through the roots from the addition of soil or through the leaves by spraying makes the plant more fresh and resistant to weather and stress (thirst – salinity), which is reflected on high productivity of good quality and distinct
  • Astimo F is the ideal method to supply plants with micronutrients in a balanced manner containing amino acids and organic by not less than 15%

Used on most types of crops

  •  Vegetables of 200: 150 g / 100 liters of water
  •  fruit trees of 300: 200 g / 100 liters of water
  •  Field crops of 200: 100 g / 100 liters of water
  •  Fertilization by irrigation of 2.5: 1.5 g / 10 liters of water

500g -1 kg

Nitrogen 10% – Sulfur 17.8% – Zinc 3% – Iron 5% – Boron 0.5% – Stric Acid 3% -Copper 1% – Magnesium 3% – Magnesium 5.5% – Amino acids and organic 15%

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